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Wahalla is a Nigerian slang word that means “trouble”. White Wahalla is a story about a man who finds himself unable to cope with the rapidly changing world around him. That man is a notoriously brutal

I Am Talent: A comprehensive guide to optimise your potential and achieve your personal and career aspirations. This publication is aimed at providing a comprehensive guideline and toolkit which will help you provoke and stimulate your

If succession planning works, how do the wrong people so often get to the top? Succession planning was once the key to identifying potential leaders to fill important positions. However, in today's rapidly evolving business

I’m privileged to be the first edition of the Talent Talks ‘My Story’ insert.  I’m somewhat bewildered by this specific task, as it is not always easy to be open and vulnerable in front of

Dying in New York is a haunting tale of Lerato, a black South African girl from a comfortable middle class family living in Johannesburg. The story begins when Lerato is twelve but all too soon it becomes

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