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We talk to E.Bebe Oyagan-Adeoye, a talent and organisational effectiveness practitioner. She talks about mutuality of goals between businesses and individuals and finding the joint for talent management to do what it needs to do.

Ursual Fear, Talent anchor and Lead Contributor for Talent Talks, chats to us. She focuses on building talent and mentions that people in our organisations are the centre of everything and therefore, it is important

By Giuli Osso -  The word “franchise” in French means “privilege” or “freedom” – in essence giving an individual the “right” to something – in this case the right to operate a business or licence under specific

We speak to Sinenhlanhla Mkhize, Senior Vice President Human Resources Sasol Limited. She explains that talent is ensuring that we have the right people at the right time. Within her organisation, they have a holistic,

Despite South Africa’s status as a middle-income country, its education system is challenged. The World Economic Forum ranks South Africa 146th out of 148 countries for educational quality, and last (148th out of 148 countries) in Mathematics

By Lynda Smith -  We live in a world that is changing significantly. The convergence of technology and longevity is changing what the world of work looks like. This brings both opportunity and challenge, depending on

The book focuses on the shift from training to learning to collaborative learning in the modern socially networked age, using latest research in Neuroscience. It outlines the key frameworks, processes and tools to adopt and

Wahalla is a Nigerian slang word that means “trouble”. White Wahalla is a story about a man who finds himself unable to cope with the rapidly changing world around him. That man is a notoriously brutal

I Am Talent: A comprehensive guide to optimise your potential and achieve your personal and career aspirations. This publication is aimed at providing a comprehensive guideline and toolkit which will help you provoke and stimulate your

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