By Carol Butcher -  If you want to make a difference, set an ambitious target. AMI (African Management Initiative) has done just that – it has set itself an ambitious target to train one million managers

By Cathy Sims -  Over the last 8 years of researching the hearts and minds of young graduates, interesting patterns are emerging – some expected, some very unexpected. Each year SAGEA (South African Graduate Employers Association) reaches

By Patrick Thabo Kheswa -  The reason many organisations are not seeing a shift in their bottom line is an inability to attract, engage and retain top talent. Many talent management professionals are still scratching their

The next generation of skilled workers won’t stay at your company forever. So make sure they leave a legacy from the short time they are with you, writes Sharmla Chetty. Guess what? The world just changed.

Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Future of Jobs Report (herein: “Report”) presents information and data that were compiled and/or collected by the World Economic Forum (all information and data referred

By Carol Butcher –  Be careful what you promise may be one of the greatest lessons learnt from the #FeesMustFall Campaign. University students are holding the ANC to its 1994 promise of free education. Over twenty years

By Marius Meyer - There is nothing more daunting than for a new talented employee to fill the big shoes of a predecessor who has achieved the status of a national or world leader. Last

By Giuli Osso -  The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA)’s fourth independent survey, sponsored by Sanlam, undertaken among franchisors in order to assess the contribution by the franchise sector to the South African economy in

By Jaime Watkins -  “I am very proud of my fifteen-year old granddaughter, Jaime Watkins. Individuals can make a difference. I would love to hear from other young South Africans, who are making a difference through

By Lynda Smith -  People are living much longer - we need to plan for this trend. Making staff aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and helping them to plan, ask the right

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