By Justin Bodill -  Are leaders born, or are they created? Now there is a question to raise some interesting debate. As a student of Leadership, and someone who works in the development space, it is

By Vuyo Dwane -  Introduction The SABPP launched the Employer Brand Standard in July 2016 at its Annual Conference, describing it as “the practice of creating [and marketing] the idea or image of the organisation that employees

Hiring first-time work-seekers can appear to be a little tricky for employers. Young, inexperienced staff seem to be a business risk because of the time and money needed to train them up, which can result

By Jonathan Cook -  Of course managers need both hard and soft skills.  One cannot lead an organisation without both.  But which are needed more in Africa? I used to think that we should focus on the

By Carol Butcher -  Tony Joe White was thinking about California when he wrote the lyrics: “California on my mind.”  Over the past few days, China has been on my mind. My interest in China was sparked

By Marius Meyer -  Over the last five years, business and leadership thought leaders have challenged managers and business professionals to get ready for the VUCA world, i.e. an acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. 

By Carol Butcher -  “Buildings are usually a venue from which to serve our customers, but the bricks and mortar play a small role in our business. It is the people that are important,” says retired

I am really excited by the prospect of this column and hope to make it as practical and useful as possible. I am by nature a collaborator, and would like to use this as an

By Marius Meyer, CEO SABPP -  Order from www.lexisnexis.co.za  or www.myacademic.co.za Foreword by Ursula Fear In this day and age, in a world where chaos and uncertainty rein, the ability to learn from experienced human resource and business

By Carol Butcher -  Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States hands over the baton to Donald Trump on the 20th January. Millions of people on the African continent have followed his presidency very