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By Marius Meyer In 2013 the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) developed the world’s first set of national HR standards to guide HR teams in applying a consistent set of HR practices aligned to the

Leadership is a way of taking a stand when it matters - Yusuf Mahomedy Leadership is not about power or self-interest, but a sense of responsibility and purpose - Claudelle Von Eck Leadership must be the norm

By Ursula Fear Following on from the superb response we received from Josef Langerman (Group Head Software Engineering; DevOps and Agile Evangelist) of Standard Bank, at our Talent Talks Conference 2017, we thought we would continue

By Kerryn Kohl Maybe, just maybe Vanilla Ice was onto something with his opening line in the hit song “Ice Ice Baby” released back in 1990. Yes I know the rest of the lyrics leave a

The McKinsey CEO’s guide to competing through HR  showcases what can happen when HR steps out of its traditional silo and embraces a strategic role, explicitly using talent to drive value rather than just responding passively to

By Carol Butcher President Zuma survived the recent no confidence vote in Parliament by a very narrow margin of 198 against, 177 for and nine abstentions compared to 214 against, 126 in favour and 58 abstentions

Findings of the Farlam Commission Report – how Lonmin Employment Relations Management practice compared to the SABPP HR Management Standard on ERM.   Contents Introduction The SABPP ERM Standard The main findings of the Commission The time line of events SABPP analysis Conclusion   Introduction The

By Nicola Columbine It is a given that the environments in which we live, the lifestyles we lead, and work that we do will be radically different in the not too distant future. It is therefore

By Emmanuel Haruperi, Development Consultant, Hemman & Associates The increasing beat of globalisation continues to drive complexity that is volatile, uncertain and ambiguous (VUCA) in the business environment. This creates unprecedented change, making it very difficult for

The SABPP Women’s Report 2017 : Fairness in relation to women at work Do you really know how to manage women at work? The SABPP Women’s Reports are aimed at empowering you with evidence-based information to