by Marius Meyer   The top managers and senior managers of an organisation play a critical role in ensuring organisational success. They set the vision and direction for the organisation, ensure that the appropriate resources are allocated and

Marius Meyer  In October 2017 we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) as the HR professional and quality assurance body of South Africa. It has been a rich history

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By Carol Butcher South Africa is experiencing a season of leadership musical chairs. We’ve recently seen many changes in leadership in entities such as KPMG South Africa, Eskom, and earlier this week, President Zuma re-shuffled his

Marius Meyer & Penny Abbott   The biggest opportunity and risk in future is leadership.  If there is one thing we have learned about corporate and governmental success and failure over the last thirty years it is

By Kerryn Kohl This statement rings true, not only for organisations but for each of us on an individual basis. We are all in the race for relevancy. Those of us who are able to change, learn,

By Justin Bodill In 2009 a company called Uber was founded, and like many revolutionary companies, was born out of a very simple idea – to assist people to get from A to B, at the

By Carol Butcher Beer is South Africa’s favourite tipple and many South Africans have very fond memories of the world-famous HEINEKEN Brewery tour in Amsterdam. So, the opportunity to attend a Talenttalks Networking Breakfast, hosted by HEINEKEN

By Penny Abbott & Marius Meyer In the previous four articles we outlined the first four elements of the South African leadership standard, i.e. instilling vision, delivering value, living the values and leading people.  In this

By Penny Abbott & Marius Meyer In the previous three articles we outlined the first three elements of the South African leadership standard, i.e. instilling vision, delivering value and living values.  In this article we share