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2018 Global Talent Trends Study Unlocking Growth In The Human Age

We are pleased to share with you the 2018 Global Talent Trends Study – Unlocking growth in the human age. We have provided an introduction and link to access the report below.

Click here to access the report


As organizations rethink their business models redesigning work to harness the power of technology and adjust to a fast-changing world  it’s clear they can’t succeed without making people a priority.

That is, people are at the heart of every organization and even at the heart of technology. With artificial intelligence infused into our work, we need highly skilled people to maximize the benefits of digitization. Human talent, rather than capital and technology, is the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the 21st century. People, not robots or artificial intelligence software, will continue to brainstorm new ideas, inspire others, and drive organizations to succeed. We have entered the Human Age.

Our 2018 Global Talent Trends Study shows that leaders and employees around the world understand that to thrive, organizations need their employees to be lifelong learners who grow with the business, embrace continuous change, master new technologies, and build skills for the future.

In exchange for committing to ongoing professional evolution, employees want flexibility in how,  when, and where they work. They want their careers to conform to their personal lives, not the other way around. They want a sense of well-being and purpose, which individuals experience through work in unique  ways. And as they support technology, they want technology to support them back through state-of-the-art platforms that enable people to connect, collaborate, and innovate together.

As organizations work to meet employees’ new demands, they face other challenges, such as skill shortages, that have led to a growing war for talent. Ultimately, as long as organizations focus on the well- being, growth, and diverse needs of their people, they’ll ignite the engine that runs their business and their technology no matter how quickly the future of work evolves.

What’s inside this year’s report:
Five Top Talent Trends:
• Change@Speed
• Working with Purpose
• Permanent Flexibility
• Platform for Talent
• Digital from the Inside Out
Practical Concepts for the Human Age
Role of Managers & Advice for Leaders
Success Stories & Takeaways

Technology’s role in displacing workers appears to conflict with its role in augmenting human capability. But this is the true future of work: an integration of automation and human capital.


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