By Camilla Pennington Ask any recruiter what their biggest challenges are when it comes to selecting talent and they are likely to mention any one or more of the following; high volumes of applications, time-consuming or

By Carol Butcher Nuclear, radiological, chemical or biological weapons are not the only weapons of mass destruction – ill-chosen words, written or spoken, should be added to the list. These have the potential to damage careers,

Hi, my name is Lerato and I am a recovering perfectionist. It’s been a few hours since my last dose of self-criticism and fear, disguised as high standards, and every minute is a victory.   In a

By Belinda Carreira Ralph Waldo Emerson says ‘The first wealth is health’. Have you ever asked yourself: ‘What does it mean to me to be healthy?’ I certainly have, having struggled with a number of health

by Kerryn Kohl Are you ready for the age of Rapid Reskilling? Well, you had better start getting your “Reskill On” because times have certainly changed! The days of choosing a single career that is neatly pathed

By Carol Butcher Earlier this week a visibly shaken senior executive recounted how “the boss” had chastised a senior manager in a public forum. The manager has no recourse, other than to eat humble pie. Walking

by Megan Yates Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading much about the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica data scandal, as I’m sure many of you have. Facebook is attempting to mend its reputation after the

By Belinda Carreira Exceptional, unprecedented, extraordinary! Our future and our future workforce! It’s a paradigm shift. Re-engineering our teams for the future starts now. Never before has this need been greater, with the rapid advance of technologies

by Liesl Bebb-Mckay This post was cowritten by the genius D’ave Meyer who also gets the point just right and makes work such a barrel of laughs.  At the FOUNDeRY, we’ve managed to celebrate a few successes in

by Lerato Nxomani   I recently watched a movie where the main character’s place of work had been acquired and the new owners wanted a complete overhaul of the organisation – to be more relevant, engaging, cutting-edge