By Carol Butcher The shelves are awash with business publications. Some focus on specific geographic areas; others are global. Business publications focus on various areas of business such as leadership, business in Africa, technology, management, entrepreneurship,

by Marius Meyer Today we celebrate #Mandela100.  The 18th of July is a special day in our diaries. Nelson Mandela would have been 100 years old today.  As former American president Barack Obama presented the Mandela Lecture

There is much opportunity to show up these days. Social networking platforms are like stages for shining and showing off your personal and professional experiences, quirks and skills. We can connect, debate and create, at

By Lita Currie   Paul Cambo Baloyi joins me for a chai tea at a restaurant in Rivonia.  The former CEO of the Development Bank of Southern Africa is smartly dressed, with a kind expression and warm

By Carol Butcher When people hear that I am a journalist and media consultant, they often ask: “How can I build my profile?” In some instances individuals are eager to build their personal profile as they

by Camilla Pennington Lushane Abrahams is the Head of Operations for Audit Graduate Recruitment Southern Africa at Deloitte, based in their Cape Town office.  She is a true example of someone who has built a solid

by Rajesh Kamath   We continue from Part 1 of this article, where we discussed Being v/s Becoming, the significance of four and how Well Being is the alignment of the four human equipments – mind, body,

by Rajesh Kamath   “For, to be aware and to be are the same” – Permanides, Greek Philosopher   Well Being: Being rather than becoming In an earlier article, I had introduced the Mindful Talent Leader. This piece will take

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