Credit: This article was written by Maxwell Huppert and first appeared in the LinkedIn Talent Blog If you were to ask a sample of employees what perk or benefit they care about most, chances are you’d

Despite South Africa’s ongoing push for gender transformation in senior positions, the number of female leaders at SA’s top companies remains exactly the same as it was in 2015, and has even dropped since 2012,

Small, independent teams are the lifeblood of the agile organization. Top executives can unleash them by driving ambition, removing red tape, and helping managers adjust to the new norms. What does it take to set loose

Creating chemistry between HR and business By Carol Butcher “People and their development has always been my passion - I love the diversity of what people bring to an organization, from their thinking and their approach to

By Paolo Giuricich Working ways have changed.  Our workforce is dominated by a transformed, gender balanced and super energised, younger generation.  Our critical leadership attributes have not kept pace and a leadership culture of ‘command and

As an underrepresented group in women’s workplace literature, blue-collar workers feature deservingly in this year’s women’s report. Working in predominantly male-dominated jobs and industries, with the exception of the clothing and textile industry in South

by Mosima Selekisho   Women’s Day is a good time to share a secret … recent events give women executives a big opportunity to fulfil their potential as key contributors to corporate success as they are ideally

by Kathy Mann Carl Jung said, “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” We are deeply influenced by our experiences and this can hold us back from being our

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