by Rajesh Kamath “Is it not he, a true philosopher who, though he be unrecognized of men, cherishes no resentment?” ~ Confucius, Chinese statesman and philosopher, in Analects. A unique experiment There is an interesting concept restaurant at

by Bret Rogers Having been “raised” in companies with healthy talent planning processes, one can easily take for granted the benefits of having a bench of strong internal candidates and few talent crises. Injecting external talent, nevertheless,

By Belinda Carreira Exceptional, unprecedented, extraordinary! Our future and our future workforce! It’s a paradigm shift. Re-engineering our teams for the future starts now. Never before has this need been greater, with the rapid advance of technologies

Talent, L&D and HR professionals are invited to the Learning & Development Forum that will be hosted at this year’s Leaderex, in association with Talent Talks.   The country’s top thought leaders and HR experts will unpack

The pursuit of a balanced life, or at the very least a less stressed life, is an often quoted modern-day refrain. Research shows that the balanced life is a rare, elusive experience for most. Dr

Making a difference by Carol Butcher Every company has different risks. Managing these risks effectively enables business to develop and grow.  “In our industry safety, health and environmental risks are important. Poor quality is also a big

By Kerryn Kohl Yes, yes, I know in this day and age stroking your team could leave you with a harassment case on your hands. But for one minute take your mind out of the gutter

Who manages in an agile organization? And what exactly do they do? The agile workplace is becoming increasingly common. In a McKinsey survey of more than 2,500 people across company sizes, functional specialties, industries, regions, and

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