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“…you cannot build a company that’s fit for the future without building one that’s fit for human beings.” - Gary Hamel Understanding Industry 4.0   The world has seen massive shifts from the first industrial revolution which began in

By Jonathan Cook Of course managers need both hard and soft skills.  One cannot lead an organisation without both.  But which are needed more in Africa? I used to think that we should focus on the hard

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Society is driving school leavers to aspire towards attaining a qualification as opposed to focusing on the skills that our economy needs. Article sourced from ITWeb   The end of the year is rapidly approaching and school-leavers have

by Lita Currie Are you closed to learning something new because you don’t want to fail, or look silly? You might be missing out on huge opportunities to increase your skills, and your competitive advantage. “I don’t

Only 4% of South African organisations offer extensive well-being programmes and actively analyse their impact on productivity (Source 2018: Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa) As the line between work and life blurs further,