Summary by Lita Currie Deon Greyling, the Managing Director for BTS’s Middle-East and Africa branch, has been doing business in Africa for a long time. Growing and developing talent is a particular passion of his. He

by Carol Butcher The 21st century is an age of permanent white water. Individuals who thrive in this environment, embrace disruption, change, challenge and variety; they are resilient; they are risk takers, and they are courageous.

Interview with Jo Searle, October 2018 By Lita Currie Coaching can be tremendously valuable to individuals and organisations. It is arguably one of the best ways in which employees can make sustainable changes at an individual and

By Carol Butcher 13th Century Chinese philosopher, Confucius wrote: “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” If anyone

Despite South Africa’s ongoing push for gender transformation in senior positions, the number of female leaders at SA’s top companies remains exactly the same as it was in 2015, and has even dropped since 2012,

By Professor Alwyn Louw; President: Monash South Africa   Given the growing levels of complexity to be ushered in by the fourth industrial revolution, a fundamental change in the way humans think and work is non-negotiable. Universities

Wellbeing is high on the agenda for organisations, but mental health still proves to be a difficult concept to tackle, says Myrna Sachs, head of Alexander Forbes Health Management Solutions.   The mental health landscape has

by Bret Rogers Having been “raised” in companies with healthy talent planning processes, one can easily take for granted the benefits of having a bench of strong internal candidates and few talent crises. Injecting external talent, nevertheless,

by Rikky Minyuku and Thembela Njenga   We launched our story book – There’s More to Us in August. As the month ostensibly known as Women’s month in South Africa drew to a close, we were struck