by Angela de Longchamps The world is changing so fast. It’s as if the ground is shifting and the wave is building and either we get dunked onto the sand with our bikini around our necks,

by Lerato Nxomani   Have you ever felt distressed after recognition or a promotion, because some part of you thinks you just got lucky and didn’t really deserve it? The balloons have been released, there’s confetti everywhere,

By Lita Currie   Paul Cambo Baloyi joins me for a chai tea at a restaurant in Rivonia.  The former CEO of the Development Bank of Southern Africa is smartly dressed, with a kind expression and warm

By Carol Butcher The idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover is well-known,” but seldom applied. It teaches us not to base our opinion on the appearance of someone or something. However, very few can

In 2017 Frank de Beer had an exciting task ahead of him: spearheading the culture journey or 3 sister-companies coming together. Frank, the Organisational Development Manager at Bytes Systems Integration, or BSI (he’s

By Kerryn Kohl “Power is competence” – Jordan Peterson It seems as though Industry 4.0 has the majority of us caught like deer in headlights, staring at this blinding change almost in awe of it, but not

Internationally-based executives and entrepreneurs continue to enquire about career opportunities in South Africa, despite the challenges facing the country, including political uncertainty and crime. But even though these high-level leaders are in a position to

Summary by Lita Currie Deon Greyling, the Managing Director for BTS’s Middle-East and Africa branch, has been doing business in Africa for a long time. Growing and developing talent is a particular passion of his. He