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by Belinda Carreira   “The art of living lies in the fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” A quote from Henry Ellis, a famous explorer, author and US colonial governor.   As my 45th birthday approaches, I

By Belinda Carreira Why are people unenthusiastic about employee wellbeing programmes? What lead to this? Why bother to improve them? These are three key questions to ask when deciding whether to invest in evolving employee wellbeing programmes.

by Belinda Carreira   Mayday or ‘Workers Day’ has been unofficially celebrated in South Africa since the 1800s. It only became officially recognised as a public holiday after our democratic elections of 1994. Internationally, Workers Day has

By Belinda Carreira Ralph Waldo Emerson says ‘The first wealth is health’. Have you ever asked yourself: ‘What does it mean to me to be healthy?’ I certainly have, having struggled with a number of health

By Belinda Carreira Exceptional, unprecedented, extraordinary! Our future and our future workforce! It’s a paradigm shift. Re-engineering our teams for the future starts now. Never before has this need been greater, with the rapid advance of technologies

by Belinda Carreira Eudaimonia is a Greek word meaning “human flourishing’ – a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. Now isn’t this where we all want to be? To me, being human is the greatest