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By Carol Butcher The shelves are awash with business publications. Some focus on specific geographic areas; others are global. Business publications focus on various areas of business such as leadership, business in Africa, technology, management, entrepreneurship,

By Carol Butcher When people hear that I am a journalist and media consultant, they often ask: “How can I build my profile?” In some instances individuals are eager to build their personal profile as they

by Carol Butcher Africa has a rich oral tradition. Story telling is part of our DNA. For centuries, Africans have gathered around under a tree or around a fire to tell stories to illustrate, inform, make

By Carol Butcher I have really enjoyed watching the Soccer World Cup. I have enjoyed watching the game, but the fans are also a joy to watch. Many have travelled thousands of kilometres to watch their

By Carol Butcher I always use every opportunity to learn. Reading a book, listening to an audio book, attending a conference, completing a course, listening to a guest speaker, conversing with others, travelling, even taking a

By Carol Butcher June 16th is a significant date in human history – on this day in 1858, Abraham Lincoln declared: “A house divided against itself cannot stand, “ the Salvation Army was established (1880), the

By Carol Butcher A research team appointed by the Department of Basic Education recently released the “Report of the History Ministerial Task Team”. The researchers have recommended making history a compulsory school subject from Grades 10-12. This

By Carol Butcher Many countries have flag carriers - the list includes France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Iceland Singapore and South Africa. The United States is not on the list. This begs the question “Why doesn’t

By Carol Butcher The film industry has done us a huge disservice – Mafia bosses and charismatic gangsters are often venerated, while informants are portrayed as pathetic, weak characters. They are seldom portrayed as characters, however

By Carol Butcher Kulula.com got it right this week. Orchids to their marketing department for inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle to pop over to South Africa for a “hot-hot honeymoon”; this is marketing brilliance. Brilliant too,

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