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by Justin Bodill   At the beginning of this year I stepped out of my comfort zone, followed a passion of mine and joined a High School 1sT Rugby team, as their Sports ‘Psychologist’. This has always

by Justin Bodill   In 1964, a Harvard Professor named Robert Rosenthal conducted an experiment at an Elementary School near San Francisco. The purpose of the experiment, was to examine what would happen if the teachers at

A story about two heroes, and what it teaches us about talent, hard work and high performance. by Justin Bodill   In August 2016 at the Rio Olympics, the O'Donovan brothers (Gary and Paul) won a silver medal

By Justin Bodill -  Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will know about the TV series Masterchef. In particular Masterchef Australia, which has become something of a global

By Justin Bodill In 2009 a company called Uber was founded, and like many revolutionary companies, was born out of a very simple idea – to assist people to get from A to B, at the

By Justin Bodill Those of us working in the corporate space, can learn a great deal from the world of elite sport. As someone who specialises in learning and development, the way in which sports teams

By Justin Bodill -  The name Tom Brady is synonymous with NFL greatness. Even those of us who live outside of the US and don’t follow American Football, know that he is considered NFL royalty. He has

By Justin Bodill -  Are leaders born, or are they created? Now there is a question to raise some interesting debate. As a student of Leadership, and someone who works in the development space, it is

By Justin Bodill -  For the first time in history, we have 5 different generations reflected in the global workforce. Namely: Traditionalists: born 1945 and before Baby Boomers: born 1946 to 1964 Generation X: born 1965

By Justin Bodill -  Retention is a term that is commonplace in any business. It is a key HR measure, and in many ways is a ‘happiness’ indicator. A high retention rate is generally viewed as