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by André Labuschaigne   This article is based on the application of the South African leadership standard at Cape Union Mart.  A leader must create and consume energy.  A leader must have energy to get things moving. 

By Marius Meyer   According to John Norcross 50% of the global population makes New Year’s resolutions each year.  However, Natasha Archary reports on Kaya FM that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved.  

by Marius Meyer The National Association of Distance Education and Open Learning (Nadeosa) celebrated its 21st anniversary at its annual conference at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein from 19-21 July 2017.  Nadeosa is an association

by Marius Meyer   During my HR career spanning 23 years, I have made key transitions from practitioner, to academic, to consultant, to manager, to board member to head of SABPP.  I have met thousands of people during

By Marius Meyer -  A global revolution is taking place in the field of workplace learning. It is driven by the requirements of the information and digital explosion, increased globalisation, the changing nature of work and

By Marius Meyer As most people are finalising their work to enjoy the holiday season, it is time to reflect on the successes, challenges and opportunities of the year.  The new South African Leadership Standard developed

By Marius Meyer As we approach the last two weeks of work for most employees, companies are taking their staff out for the end-of-the year office party.   This is a great opportunity for employers to celebrate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Leadership Master Class : The National Leadership Standard and Pledge for South Africa Adriaan Groenewald’s weekly Leadership Platform on Cliff Central   Adriaan Groenewald in conversation with Marius Meyer, CEO of SABPP, Xolani Mawande, COO of SABPP and

Marius Meyer Today we ask the question: How will applying the newly developed South African leadership standard affect employees?  The good news is that the correct application of the leadership standard will have a major impact

by Marius Meyer   The top managers and senior managers of an organisation play a critical role in ensuring organisational success. They set the vision and direction for the organisation, ensure that the appropriate resources are allocated and