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By Professor Alwyn Louw; President: Monash South Africa   Given the growing levels of complexity to be ushered in by the fourth industrial revolution, a fundamental change in the way humans think and work is non-negotiable. Universities

by Marius Meyer The National Association of Distance Education and Open Learning (Nadeosa) celebrated its 21st anniversary at its annual conference at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein from 19-21 July 2017.  Nadeosa is an association

by Camilla Pennington There are three different sources of global University Rankings most often used by employers – each with a slightly different approach to measuring and ranking universities and each using varied methodologies to arrive

By Lita Currie I was a proud mom this week:  my eldest son was one of 120 learners who qualified for the school spelling bee.  So, we set off in our Sunday best on Thursday night

By Carol Butcher -  Tony Joe White was thinking about California when he wrote the lyrics: “California on my mind.”  Over the past few days, China has been on my mind. My interest in China was sparked

Education in South Africa has been in crisis for decades. It has more than failed to live up to the ANC promise of “free, quality education” as proposed by the Mandela administration. The solution is

By Ursula Fear -  This week I engaged with two very dedicated teachers that I admire not only for their love of the profession, but for their courage and determination in trying to work out the

I am tired everyone… I am tired of parents phoning me in tears about their child’s progress. I am tired of hearing of children as young as 7 being diagnosed with anxiety and stress related disorders.