by Camilla Pennington Ludwick Marishane is 29 years old and has never been formally employed in the corporate sector.  Starting his entrepreneurship journey while he was still at school, Ludwick now runs a successful business employing

by Paolo Giuricich CA In setting your 2018 goals, as a professional, have you considered your own development?  In January 2016, the World Economic Forum (WEF), published a roadmap of the “10 skills needed to thrive

By Alexandra Hadfield, Harambee SME Sector Lead As if starting a new business weren’t scary enough, the next step is to grow it by hiring someone. Here’s the logical series of events that will make the

A presentation by Dr Jackie Chimhanzi, CEO African Leadership Institute Summarised by Carol Butcher It is fitting and appropriate for Talenttalks to host it inaugural talent conference at the Innovation Hub, which is focused on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs create something

Lately the topic of township and rural entrepreneurship seems to be popping up a lot.  Last week I attended the launch of a project that aims to make a difference in Soweto, and that’s making

By Giuli Osso -  The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA)’s fourth independent survey, sponsored by Sanlam, undertaken among franchisors in order to assess the contribution by the franchise sector to the South African economy in

“South Africans are looking to entrepreneurs for economic growth and job creation. Talent Talks applauds Riversands and its partners, for stimulating entrepreneurship and helping to create jobs. Initiatives such as these need to be rolled-out

By Valdi Pereira -  Few people are aware of the enormous contribution William Shakespeare made to the English language. During his time as the king of poets he minted some 1 700 new words, including emotionally

By Marius Meyer -  It is now more than 30 years since top management guru Peter Drucker argued for a shift toward an entrepreneurial society. Drucker challenged executives to make innovation and entrepreneurship a “normal, ongoing

By Giuli Osso - Whilst most of us could never see ourselves taking those massive risks that true entrepreneurs have taken – risking everything they have and often failing many times before succeeding - at

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