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[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]by Paolo Giuricich CA (SA)   At the start of every new year, people are highly energised, focussed and readily reaffirm their psychological contracts with the people and organisations around them.  By some magical stroke of

By Angela de Longchamps Three of the five top-rated professional skills (according to LinkedIn) for 2019 include UX Design, AI and Cloud Computing. That is an intimidating list if you are not an IT wizard. A cold

Change in any organisation is sometimes exciting, sometimes scary, but mostly unavoidable. It’s going to happen and avoiding some of the pitfalls can make things easier. Here are a couple of thoughts from my experience

by Justin Bodill   In 1964, a Harvard Professor named Robert Rosenthal conducted an experiment at an Elementary School near San Francisco. The purpose of the experiment, was to examine what would happen if the teachers at

Ignited Energy in Organisations   Organisation Development (OD) Consultant PAOLO GIURICICH CA(SA) – Founder and owner of smart EQ (www.smart-EQ.com)   Flourishing organisations have an amazing ability to harness energy for growth, through their culture and people.  They also have

by Lita Currie   My first job was at South African Breweries in 1995.  Bright-eyed and eager to learn, I joined the operations team at a distribution centre.  On the first day, after my manager explained the

In 2017 Frank de Beer had an exciting task ahead of him: spearheading the culture journey or 3 sister-companies coming together. Frank, the Organisational Development Manager at Bytes Systems Integration, or BSI (he’s

by Mosima Selekisho   Corporate leadership in South Africa is being redefined. A ‘safe pair of hands’ is still required, but increasingly the focus is shifting to greater dynamism. At CEO level, more and more organisations are

IQ alone makes for poor 21st century leaders By Gaylin Jee @gaylinjee Whilst we have long prized Analytical Intelligence or IQ, research by developmental psychologists Kegan and Gardner has paved the way for a much richer understanding of

Korn Ferry Identifies Emerging Global Talent Trends for 2019 Based on input from talent acquisition, development and compensation experts from across the globe, Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) has identified emerging global talent trends for 2019. Several factors,