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by Marius Meyer -  Over the last ten years, the role of CEO’s has changed to become a much broader and all-encompassing position than solely managing an organisation and its people. The new expanded role of CEOs

By Carol Butcher -  A great leader in the retail space in Africa is stepping down. Shoprite CEO, Whitey Basson has announced his retirement. Basson was at the helm of Shoprite for close to forty years;

By Jonathan Cook -  Management is a noble profession. It is also the area of talent that seems to be most in demand and most difficult to find in companies – if salaries reflect the supply

By Marius Meyer -  The American presidential election presents the American nation with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the best the USA has to offer its people as the top two candidates to take up

By Conrad Viedge -  As a business school, our aim is to improve the prospects of our students. One means of doing so is to help them become great business leaders. There can be no doubt

By Carol Butcher -  If you want to make a difference, set an ambitious target. AMI (African Management Initiative) has done just that – it has set itself an ambitious target to train one million managers

By Patrick Thabo Kheswa -  The reason many organisations are not seeing a shift in their bottom line is an inability to attract, engage and retain top talent. Many talent management professionals are still scratching their

The next generation of skilled workers won’t stay at your company forever. So make sure they leave a legacy from the short time they are with you, writes Sharmla Chetty. Guess what? The world just changed.

By Marius Meyer - There is nothing more daunting than for a new talented employee to fill the big shoes of a predecessor who has achieved the status of a national or world leader. Last

Managing proactively the different generations withing the organisation. Many people join the organisation as graduates and leave when they retire. This is both a blessing and a challenge.

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