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By Carol Butcher -  South Africa’s 2019 general elections are around the corner, and there is a lot of discussion and debate around President Jacob Zuma’s successor. Pressure is mounting in some quarters, specifically the ANC’s

By Justin Bodill -  Are leaders born, or are they created? Now there is a question to raise some interesting debate. As a student of Leadership, and someone who works in the development space, it is

By Marius Meyer -  Over the last five years, business and leadership thought leaders have challenged managers and business professionals to get ready for the VUCA world, i.e. an acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. 

By Carol Butcher -  Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States hands over the baton to Donald Trump on the 20th January. Millions of people on the African continent have followed his presidency very

By Carol Butcher -  Retired former Chief Executive of McCarthy Limited, Brand Pretorius has made it his mission in life to try to improve the quality of leadership in South Africa based on the lessons he

By Theo Veldsman - STOP-OVER 12: LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE – CONTEXTUAL LEADERSHIP ROLES   At a glance As go-between between Sphere 3: World and her followers, leadership acts as a connecting ‘bridge’ between followers and the Context by fulfilling six

By Theo Veldsman -  TOP-OVER 11: LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE – CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGAGING WITH THE WORLD  At a glance From previous Stop-overs in the Leadership Universe we have learnt the criticality of understanding and accepting Myself as leader (Sphere 1:

By Professor Theo Veldsman -  Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order STOP-OVER 10: LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE – ENACTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS At a glance The Other Sphere forms the middle sphere of the Leadership Universe. This

By Theo Veldsman -  We have learnt already from in our travels through the Leadership Universe that it is made up of three reciprocally interdependent, influencing and integrated Relational Spheres: Leader(ship) in relationship to Self (Sphere

By Theo Veldsman -  At a glance The question of leadership excellence within the Leadership Universe is simultaneously the question about ethical (or good) leadership. Why? Because leadership determines the ethical acceptable ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘whereto’

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