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By Penny Abbott & Marius Meyer In the previous three articles we outlined the first three elements of the South African leadership standard, i.e. instilling vision, delivering value and living values.  In this article we share

by Penny Abbott & Marius Meyer Recent examples of corporate scandals can be traced back to a failure in the application of  corporate values. Very few companies do not have clearly articulated values guiding the behaviour of

by  Penny Abbott & Marius Meyer Last week we introduced to you the framework of the South African leadership standard developed by SABPP. Today we start a series of articles unpacking the five elements of the leadership

by Penny Abbott and Marius Meyer   Over the last month, the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) with the support from Talent Talks have been on a journey to create a clear South African leadership standard framework.

By Carol Butcher Print media is a very tough industry. Very few publications survive for decades, and yet incredibly, Playboy magazine is still going strong. The first issue of Playboy appeared in December 1953. Almost 65

by  Siphiwe Moyo, Marius Meyer, Penny Abbott Since the development of South Africa’s first leadership standard on 14 September in Kyalami, Johannesburg, the SABPP office has been inundated with questions from the market about this exciting project. 

By Marius Meyer While the field of talent management is gaining momentum during a time of increased employer branding, the question is whether leadership and talent can be separated. Surely, you can run a very successful

By Carol Butcher It’s important for me to state upfront that I concur with Professor Lee Berger’s view: “Baboons are no more related to us than cats are related to dogs. We are both primates, but

Representatives from the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations made significant progress recently when they gathered to start a journey to establish a leadership standard for South Africa. 

by Siphiwe Moyo   The Leadership Standard Journey is one of the most exciting projects to be involved in.  While we are excited about the historic significance of the leadership standard process, leaders must realise that there will

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