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By Professor Theo Veldsman -  Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order STOP-OVER 10: LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE – ENACTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS At a glance The Other Sphere forms the middle sphere of the Leadership Universe. This

By Theo Veldsman -  We have learnt already from in our travels through the Leadership Universe that it is made up of three reciprocally interdependent, influencing and integrated Relational Spheres: Leader(ship) in relationship to Self (Sphere

By Theo Veldsman -  At a glance The question of leadership excellence within the Leadership Universe is simultaneously the question about ethical (or good) leadership. Why? Because leadership determines the ethical acceptable ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘whereto’

By Carol Butcher -  A great leader in the retail space in Africa is stepping down. Shoprite CEO, Whitey Basson has announced his retirement. Basson was at the helm of Shoprite for close to forty years;

By Jonathan Cook -  Management is a noble profession. It is also the area of talent that seems to be most in demand and most difficult to find in companies – if salaries reflect the supply

By Marius Meyer -  The American presidential election presents the American nation with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the best the USA has to offer its people as the top two candidates to take up

By Carol Butcher -  If you want to make a difference, set an ambitious target. AMI (African Management Initiative) has done just that – it has set itself an ambitious target to train one million managers

By Sammy Njenga - The challenge of leadership in our rapidly changing and complex context has been aptly described as "building a skyscraper on a moving conveyor belt". The external context in which organizations operate is in constant

By Sugan Naidoo - Leaders are mentors who demonstrate personal pledge to the values and goals of their organizations. Furthermore, leaders have the ability to create a compelling vision and achieve the enthusiasm and personal commitment of

By Vezi Mncwango - At the final whistle blow of the 1995 World Cup Rugby final, in a match of South Africa against New Zealand, every South African had caught a reconciliatory virus that most had no