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By Kerryn Kohl Maybe, just maybe Vanilla Ice was onto something with his opening line in the hit song “Ice Ice Baby” released back in 1990. Yes I know the rest of the lyrics leave a

The McKinsey CEO’s guide to competing through HR  showcases what can happen when HR steps out of its traditional silo and embraces a strategic role, explicitly using talent to drive value rather than just responding passively to

By Carol Butcher President Zuma survived the recent no confidence vote in Parliament by a very narrow margin of 198 against, 177 for and nine abstentions compared to 214 against, 126 in favour and 58 abstentions

By Marius Meyer Image caption: Talia Lancaster from IQ Business, winner of the Professional Services category receiving her award from SABPP CEO, Marius Meyer The evening of 27 July 2017 was a special occasion for South Africa’s

by Carol Butcher “We need a combination of Afrocentric leadership and we also need to lead as everyone else leads. I wouldn’t necessarily see Africa as an island, but there are certainly environmental and situational requirements

An Interview with Frans Kutumela, Senior Manager, Learning and Development, MTN By Carol Butcher “Africa as a whole has a very young, growing professional base. We have more youth in Africa which means that in terms of

Summarised by Carol Butcher   Shared three codes of holistic leadership. Any leader that is not a holistic leader is not going to be a talent leader. A holistic leader deeply believes and cares for community, ecology and

Building Leaders for the Next Decade: How to support the workplace goals of Generation X, Y & Z Is there a gap between how one generation wants to lead and how another generation wants to be

by Prof Josef Langerman One of the buzzwords in the agile community is Servant Leadership. When Standard Bank embarked on their implementation of agile-at-scale, we needed to understand if and how we want to implement Servant-leadership. Servant-leadership,

By Carol Butcher Leadership is a huge responsibility – with it comes great accountability. Events over the past few weeks indicate that we’re not getting it right, in many areas. We’re not getting it right when