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By Marius Meyer Today it is 20 years since I arrived in Johannesburg from Cape Town.  I started to unpack all my boxes after a successful move. My mother was so kind to travel with me

By Megan Yates Independence, critical thinking and questioning were encouraged in my family. I fondly recall healthy debates around the family dinner table, where strong opinions and tough questions were always welcomed. This foundation allowed me

By Shirley Zinn and Sherideen Meyer -  This book was written by Professor Shirley Zinn, with the strong support of her husband, Kevin Zinn, for their son Jamie. The purpose of the book is to inspire

With a Matric certificate in hand and no money, I completed a Secretarial course in Cape Town. I then enrolled for Medical Technology and successfully completed the theory. Disappointingly, the jobs were frozen and I

I was always different – this was not easy back in the 1970s. I was raised in Athlone, Cape Town, in a very entrepreneurial family. My family were street vendors who sold fruit, vegetables and food

I remember my childhood in flashes, rather like watching an outdoor play where the characters appear intermittently and only when the lightning strikes. I remember the dry heat, the electric tingle of an impending thunderstorm,

By Jaime Watkins -  “I am very proud of my fifteen-year old granddaughter, Jaime Watkins. Individuals can make a difference. I would love to hear from other young South Africans, who are making a difference through

I’m astounded by what a little bit of wisdom can do.  One’s mid- forties certainly come with some of life’s little treasures. That gift of introspection, the pearl of reflection and the beauty of inner

I remember how I felt that morning when I landed at one of the UK’s most prominent airports in Gatwick.  A flying time of 48 hours is no small feat.  I had left Australia 2

So what exactly is success? Is it driving a fancy car, living in a palace, spending inordinate amounts on ‘things’? Perhaps it’s a title? I remember driving home one night, almost 20 years ago, from

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