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Talent are more empowered than ever before to choose where they start their professional careers and remuneration will always be a key factor in their employment considerations. Achieving optimum talent attraction requires that you provide

REWORK ‘change the way you work forever’ by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Your guide to intentional career planning and consequent success in 2018. Artificial Intelligence. Bitcoin. Self-driving cars. Drones. The Internet of Things. 3D Printing. Wearable Tech. Augmented Reality. Big Data. Machine Learning. Automation. These are the terms that dominated headlines and trend reports

These are my top picks for 2017. What links these works is a shift towards more awareness of our influence as individuals and as organisations. The questions we are asking include: How does what we

We will be sharing the Talent Talks team best reads of 2017 leading up to the holiday season. Enjoy!! Elon Musk Inventing the future by Ashlee Vance This is an amazing account of Elon’s business journey, readable and

For the past five years, Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends Survey has revealed evolving practices in talent, learning, leadership, performance management and organisational design as well as the ongoing evolution of the role, capabilities