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by Marius Meyer Over the last few years, wellness week was celebrated in South Africa during the first week of July.  Thus, wellness week has arrived today and will run to Friday (2-6 July 2018).  We therefore

Low-skill and menial jobs are at the heart of most concerns about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but an expert cautions that leaders and managers could also very well be among the estimated two

 RISING STAR PROGRAMME   After receiving hundreds of entries and going through thousands of pages of nominations, motivations, videos and verifications, the finalists for the 7th Annual Standard Bank Rising Star Awards have been announced! The gala dinner

by Sue Fuller-Good Many people allow low-grade ill health to be their normal: a slight ache here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week. They wake up exhausted

by Kathy Mann I was raised with a very strong focus on consideration for other people. My mother was very good at teaching us manners and she raised us to be considerate people. It somehow went

By Carol Butcher The film industry has done us a huge disservice – Mafia bosses and charismatic gangsters are often venerated, while informants are portrayed as pathetic, weak characters. They are seldom portrayed as characters, however

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]OK, so you have your coaching qualification in hand, the paper still hot from the printers.  You can barely contain your excitement about being a professional coach.  You have visions of scores of clients flocking

by Kerryn Kohl Are you ready for the age of Rapid Reskilling? Well, you had better start getting your “Reskill On” because times have certainly changed! The days of choosing a single career that is neatly pathed

By Carol Butcher Kulula.com got it right this week. Orchids to their marketing department for inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle to pop over to South Africa for a “hot-hot honeymoon”; this is marketing brilliance. Brilliant too,

Hi, my name is Lerato and I am a recovering perfectionist. It’s been a few hours since my last dose of self-criticism and fear, disguised as high standards, and every minute is a victory.   In a

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