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By Carol Butcher Recipients of deposits of R14million are generally Lotto winners, and yet incredulously Walter Sisulu University has confirmed that it erroneously deposited this amount into a NSFAS student’s account. Many question arise: how could

By Kerryn Kohl We are in a time of accelerating disruptive change.  In a VUCA world – one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – traditional leadership skills will not be enough.”   Bob Johansen  As I mentioned

By Carol Butcher Legendary jazz musician and jazz educator, mentor of aspiring musicians and Head of the Gauteng Music Academy, Johnny Mekoa passed away recently. Mekoa has left a lasting legacy. He serves as a remarkable

By Justin Bodill Those of us working in the corporate space, can learn a great deal from the world of elite sport. As someone who specialises in learning and development, the way in which sports teams

Summarised by Carol Butcher   The state of ethics in business isn’t rock solid. You expected more when you cast your vote. We’re sick of dishonesty and unethical practices. What is the moral posture we should be

Summarised by Carol Butcher Kung Fu is a metaphor for a journey over the last three years. How do you affect cultural change across 6 000 people? Kungfu is the practices, habits and the habits, the things

By Cathy Sims The South African Graduate Employers (SAGEA) recently conducted a study of organisational practice in graduate development.  The study included 90 organisations representing some of the largest and most well respected graduate programmes in

By Kerryn Kohl Curiosity may just be the final Human Frontier…at Least for the foreseeable future! Artificial Intelligence may be taking over, but for now we are still driving the questions. In fact, Artificial Intelligence owes

By Darryn van den Berg Gamification - the Art, Science and Magic the culminates in a powerful engagement tool that excites people to change behaviours through consistent and progressive methodologies. And as this new tool becomes

By Carol Butcher Shigeru Yoshida, Japanese diplomat, politician and Prime Minister of Japan (1946-47) famously said: “I speak of the old Japan, because out of the ashes of the old Japan there has risen a new