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When it comes to Talent Management and specifically learning and development in the digital age, we need to acknowledge that different Generations will ultimately respond differently to technology enabled learning. However, the purpose of a

By Belinda Carreira Exceptional, unprecedented, extraordinary! Our future and our future workforce! It’s a paradigm shift. Re-engineering our teams for the future starts now. Never before has this need been greater, with the rapid advance of technologies

The pursuit of a balanced life, or at the very least a less stressed life, is an often quoted modern-day refrain. Research shows that the balanced life is a rare, elusive experience for most. Dr

By Kerryn Kohl Yes, yes, I know in this day and age stroking your team could leave you with a harassment case on your hands. But for one minute take your mind out of the gutter

Future Competencies in Banking : A Case Study of three UK Banks by Fourth Talent This case study is an excerpt from the book titled : Building Industry 4.0 Talent available through Knowledge Resources from September

What Makes for a  Good Learning Experience? Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends when the learner is successful. The end of the journey isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more. —

There is much opportunity to show up these days. Social networking platforms are like stages for shining and showing off your personal and professional experiences, quirks and skills. We can connect, debate and create, at

by Kerryn Kohl Let me state at the outset that this week’s column is inspired by my four-year-old. This is because for the last week and a half she has watched the same movie, and we

Low-skill and menial jobs are at the heart of most concerns about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but an expert cautions that leaders and managers could also very well be among the estimated two

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