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The new Sasol Building - Sasol now has the diversity and expertise in one location. This will establish collaboration and allow better communication, easy access and quicker resolutions to problems that may arise. The one

By Kerryn Kohl -  Top of mind for the new breed of worker is flexibility, opportunity, collaboration, meaningful contribution and unconstrained work space – no longer workplace. With the advent of social media, the need for social

By Kerryn Kohl -  Times have changed, we have entered the era of the digital and knowledge based economy. We are seeing the rise of the Exponential Organisation. According to Sarah Horowitz, U.S. Bureau of Labor

By Kerryn Kohl - We can’t deny the fact that we are living at a rate of change that most of us are struggling to keep pace with. Add to this the unprecedented threats to our personal

By Ursula Fear -    The workplace today is tough – business usual has become business unusual. In fact, the term VUCA is increasingly being used to describe the world in which leaders and organisations have to

By Ursula Fear - As technology continues to permeate the business space across all functions and processes to streamline productivity, it’s critical to remember that the heart of any business is its people says industry

Shaun has over 20 years experience in the application of macro and microeconomic insights to significantly improve the organisational and individual performance of client organisations The theme of the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Davos meeting was