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by Marius Meyer Today we celebrate #Mandela100.  The 18th of July is a special day in our diaries. Nelson Mandela would have been 100 years old today.  As former American president Barack Obama presented the Mandela Lecture

By Carol Butcher When people hear that I am a journalist and media consultant, they often ask: “How can I build my profile?” In some instances individuals are eager to build their personal profile as they

by Rajesh Kamath   We continue from Part 1 of this article, where we discussed Being v/s Becoming, the significance of four and how Well Being is the alignment of the four human equipments – mind, body,

by Rajesh Kamath   “For, to be aware and to be are the same” – Permanides, Greek Philosopher   Well Being: Being rather than becoming In an earlier article, I had introduced the Mindful Talent Leader. This piece will take

by Marius Meyer Over the last few years, wellness week was celebrated in South Africa during the first week of July.  Thus, wellness week has arrived today and will run to Friday (2-6 July 2018).  We therefore

By Carol Butcher I have really enjoyed watching the Soccer World Cup. I have enjoyed watching the game, but the fans are also a joy to watch. Many have travelled thousands of kilometres to watch their

By Carol Butcher I always use every opportunity to learn. Reading a book, listening to an audio book, attending a conference, completing a course, listening to a guest speaker, conversing with others, travelling, even taking a

By Alex Hadfield, SME Sector Lead, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator As an entrepreneur, a key moment in your first business is hiring your first employee. You often choose to hire young, first-time workers because that’s what

By Carol Butcher A research team appointed by the Department of Basic Education recently released the “Report of the History Ministerial Task Team”. The researchers have recommended making history a compulsory school subject from Grades 10-12. This

by Sue Fuller-Good Many people allow low-grade ill health to be their normal: a slight ache here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week. They wake up exhausted

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