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By Alex Hadfield, SME Sector Lead, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator As an entrepreneur, a key moment in your first business is hiring your first employee. You often choose to hire young, first-time workers because that’s what

By Carol Butcher A research team appointed by the Department of Basic Education recently released the “Report of the History Ministerial Task Team”. The researchers have recommended making history a compulsory school subject from Grades 10-12. This

by Sue Fuller-Good Many people allow low-grade ill health to be their normal: a slight ache here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week. They wake up exhausted

by Kathy Mann I was raised with a very strong focus on consideration for other people. My mother was very good at teaching us manners and she raised us to be considerate people. It somehow went

By Carol Butcher The film industry has done us a huge disservice – Mafia bosses and charismatic gangsters are often venerated, while informants are portrayed as pathetic, weak characters. They are seldom portrayed as characters, however

Hi, my name is Lerato and I am a recovering perfectionist. It’s been a few hours since my last dose of self-criticism and fear, disguised as high standards, and every minute is a victory.   In a

by Kathy Mann I recently travelled to KwaZulu-Natal for my aunt’s memorial service. We gathered together as a family, people travelling from the United States, England and various local cities, to celebrate her life. She was

By Lita Currie Many people believe that they cannot draw, and that might stop them from even trying.  When using graphics in a business context it's not really about the drawing - it's all about the

by Belinda Carreira   Mayday or ‘Workers Day’ has been unofficially celebrated in South Africa since the 1800s. It only became officially recognised as a public holiday after our democratic elections of 1994. Internationally, Workers Day has

Marius Meyer “Work is the inevitable condition of human life, the true source of human welfare.” - Leo Tolstoy   Today  is Workers’ Day.  Leo Tolstoy said “work is the inevitable condition of human life, the true source of