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By Carol Butcher -  Stop a moment to reflect – there are 86 400 seconds in a day, and it only takes two seconds to say “thank you”. When last did you say “thank you” to

By Lynda Smith -  To my mind the most profound book that has been published this year is “The 100 year life – living and working in the age of longevity” by Lynda Gratton and Andrew

It helps being in your mid 40’s.  That mid-life crisis kind of gives you permission to sit up, reassess your life and if you’re lucky, be able to self-correct and catapult into the next leg

By Justin Bodill -  Every year, global consulting firms and research houses investigate and publish reports about the status and future of Talent Management. The sections on learning are always particularly interesting for me, and while

Education in South Africa has been in crisis for decades. It has more than failed to live up to the ANC promise of “free, quality education” as proposed by the Mandela administration. The solution is

By Veli Ndaba -  Your purpose will make your life and those around you worth living. Your purpose will give you focus and resilience when times get tough, and they will. Your purpose will keep you

Complete most important tasks first.  Each day, identify the two or three tasks that are the most crucial to complete and do those first. Learn to say “no”.  Only take on those commitments that you know

By Professor Peter Hawkins and Barbara Walsh -  In spite of the current economic challenges, research statistics reveal that worldwide more organisations are either maintaining or increasing their investment in coaching activities. In the recent report compiled

By Lynda Smith -  People are living much longer - we need to plan for this trend. Making staff aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and helping them to plan, ask the right

By Ursula Fear -  This week I engaged with two very dedicated teachers that I admire not only for their love of the profession, but for their courage and determination in trying to work out the