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Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and participation in Talenttalks Africa 2017, our first annual conference. We were thrilled to get a total of 228 million twitter impressions which was a remarkable figure and #ttafrica2017 trended for most of the day.

Talenttalks Africa 2017, was just the start of the conversation to take talent, people and business to a new level. The learning, engagement, debate, creativity and inspiration will continue.

The speaker summaries will be added over the next couple of weeks. Make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter and we’ll send you updates

Conference Speaker Summaries

A presentation by Dr Jackie Chimhanzi, CEO African Leadership Institute Summarised by Carol Butcher It is fitting and appropriate for Talenttalks to host it inaugural talent conference at the Innovation Hub, which is focused on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs create something from nothing. An idea can

By Gaylin Jee Great innovations don’t always come from those with the deepest expertise and knowledge, or from the ‘rare genius’. And many entrepreneurs are not big risk takers. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs exercise risk avoidance and

Summarised by Carol Butcher   Shared three codes of holistic leadership. Any leader that is not a holistic leader is not going to be a talent leader. A holistic leader deeply believes and cares for community, ecology and the economy. Community is at the

summarised by Carol Butcher   Setting up offices in Africa is about people performing against the odds. You only succeed in Africa because of the people that you have in your organisation. There are two critical things when establishing a business in Africa

Summarised by Carol Butcher   The state of ethics in business isn’t rock solid. You expected more when you cast your vote. We’re sick of dishonesty and unethical practices. What is the moral posture we should be adopting? An unethical dilemma can be

Summarised by Carol Butcher Kung Fu is a metaphor for a journey over the last three years. How do you affect cultural change across 6 000 people? Kungfu is the practices, habits and the habits, the things you do to become better.

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