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How #Gamification can enable the different worlds of Education and Learning

By Darryn van den Berg

Gamification – the Art, Science and Magic the culminates in a powerful engagement tool that excites people to change behaviours through consistent and progressive methodologies. And as this new tool becomes a serious contender for changing behaviour the confusion between Serious Games, Fun games, Learning games  tends to cloud why these are not #Gamification

There is a massive growth of engagement going on, and #Gamification is fast becoming the leading tool for all initiatives that enable increased and sustained engagement. (over 320 of the Forbes Fortune 500 companies, have a #Gamification initiative going on – can’t be wrong – right!)

And in the world of Education and Learning and Skills Development the time has come to boost the “Games” of the classroom into a strategy of post learning application and continued engagement in the content that was provided. #Gamification is the piece of the puzzle that looks to long term return on value.

Join Darryn van den Berg as he presents an interactive session at Talenttalks Africa 2017 Conference.  In this session,  some low-tech, and hybrid #gamification technologies will be explored as well as international cases where #gamification has been applied to change behaviour in skills development and ultimately workplace performance, based on the power of P3.


”I will be discussing what #gamification IS and what it is NOT, and then, how #gamification can increase the engagement pre, during and post training, spilling over into Talent management, Organisational Development, on-boarding and overall productivity. 

I have distilled the research and created the first robust #gamfication scaffolding called the “Purposeful Play Portal – P3”

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After 5 years of application of Gamification strategies, my growth, playing, engagement and fun initiatives has catapulted me to leading this exciting venture of ‘Crafting Purposeful Play’. Empowered from the heartbeat of ‘FLOW’ – ensuring continued engagement UX and UI success through progressive, innovative engagement for my clients. After 5 years in the world of #Gamification and having crafted the #Gamification Crafters Guild “Purposeful Play Portal” (P3) which is the scaffolding that the discipline of gamification is searching for. I have learned how to journey with clients from 2 – 15000 employees into their worlds of #gamification. Pushing my horizons I now continue to roll out the exciting + internationally recognized P3 scaffolding. Our new world is pushing & increasing the horizons, and will be live for you to engage with soon… In the meantime we craft the worlds of #Gamification consulting, #gamification Training and #gamification resource engagements. <div class="tlp-member-detail"> </div>


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