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What does kung Fu and a bank have in common – a presentation by Professor Josef Langerman

Summarised by Carol Butcher

Kung Fu is a metaphor for a journey over the last three years. How do you affect cultural change across 6 000 people?

Kungfu is the practices, habits and the habits, the things you do to become better. You need to practice; there are rituals that you need to do to train your body.

Aristotle said habits make you great. Habits are about doing the right things at the right time for the right reason. This is what excellence and virtue is all about. You go through a process to gain mastery. You also need autonomy and you need purpose.

All need mastery and independence.

The bank added generosity – giving. You want to be part of a community, work as part of a team.

People work in teams of 7-10.

There are four levels in teams: traveller, artisan, professional and master.

The team at Standard Bank set its own targets, and developed a model how to improve as a team. They are working at getting better, without interference. They assess skills and there is a team decision on priority skills needed to level up. The team defines and agrees on the target state of each skill and creates a time-bound action plan.

We are sick and tired of career ladders. A model of individual expertise was developed.

People thrive when they give. Inside the bank you start giving. You intentionally start guilds across things, across divisions. You are united as a guild, not by a boss.

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