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Launch of SABPPs National Leadership Standard

The SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) launched its National Leadership Standard at its fifth Annual HR Standards Conference

at the Theatre on the Track in Kyalami on 26 October.

The Standard was developed after a very extensive consultation process with leaders in government, business, the public sector, non-profit organisations and academic institutions. 

Talent Talks is proud to share Lita Currie’s brilliant graphic recording of this historic launch with you. You can see the full event infographic here:

From Mr Nhlanhla Nene’s opening address, ”The importance of good leadership in building a competitive nation”, Dr Judy Dlamini’, “Equal but different, women in leadership” Edward Kieswetter “Towards leadership excellence : We tend to set the bar for leadership too low” (link to podcast) to Selo Govender sharing so generously “Aligning Leadership Style and Competencies to the Culture the Sasol Journey” and the highlight of the day, the actual release of South Africa’s first leadership standard by Xolani Mowane, COO of SABPP.

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  • I am so proud that I was part of the SA leaders that developed this critical Standard for Contemporary leadership which is in a state of continuous turmoil in almost all continents.
    We were brave to take the first step in creating the standard and open the conversation for all interested to join in and add all the topping up ingredients as this is only but the beginning.

    A legacy is created, well done SABPP for championing this cause!!


    November 9, 2017

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