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Managing Human Resource Development: A strategic learning approach

By Marius Meyer, CEO SABPP – 

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Foreword by Ursula Fear

In this day and age, in a world where chaos and uncertainty rein, the ability to learn from experienced human resource and business experts has never been more prevalent.  People that have attempted to work it out in the midst of constant change and in a workplace that demands critical thinking skills at its highest, is certainly the order of the day.    Therefore the sharing of peoples experiences, through journeys of both success and challenges is why this book is so appropriate for Human Resource experts that need to function in a 21st century workplace.

The authors of this publication have attempted to scan the horizon of international best practices in the field of human resource development. Many of the concepts emanate from work initiated through research by the leading international institution in the field of work­place learning, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and in the local context, the African Society for Talent Development (ASTD). Now with the fifth edition, the content of the book has already been tested as relevant to the training industry in subsequent annual ASTD State of the South African Training Industry Benchmarking Reports.  The authors have attempted to portray new scenarios and applications of these international best practices for forward-looking local companies aspiring to become global players.

These scenarios deal with coping mechanisms pertaining to employment equity, transparency, intellectual capital, electronic learning, mentoring and coaching and a diversity of elements, which exceed challenges that no other country on the globe could envisage. Even our education paradigms are switching from knowledge-based to outcomes-based learning, which is a more focused and pragmatic solution for education, training and development today. The authors have identified international best practices and integrated them into the principles of the National Qualifications Framework and South African Qualifications Authority requirements, and also aligned with the National Skills Develop­ment Strategy.  Furthermore, the incorporation of HR, and learning and development standards has also been included in this edition of the book, the first HR standards in the world, adding significantly to the quality and cadre of this learning resource.

This book proves that the phenomenal growth in the science and practice of talent management has opened new opportunities for the authors in providing a unique African perspective to talent development. Uniqueness coupled with a complexity like no other, infused with lessons that all organisations around the globe can learn from.

In conclusion, this book is a definite enabler and a practical tool that will aid any person dealing with people in a modern working environment.  The specific nuances that talk to a South African context are very relevant and fit for purpose, with the book enlightening one through the case studies, reflective questions, useful websites and suggested reading resources.  This is proof that we all need to be continuous learners in this modern day with vibrant learning resources such as this, enabling and developing any audience.

I love the African proverb that says ‘if a child washes his hands, he can eat with kings’. If we all do our part, we can make a significant difference to this country and the continent at large.  Yes, South Africa can be a great nation because we have the greatest people!

(Director: Talent Talks)

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