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Partner with EOH to create 100 000 jobs by 2020

By Carol Butcher –

Some individuals and organisations bemoan high levels of youth unemployment, others do something about it. EOH nailed its colours to the mast and launched the EOH Youth Job Creation Initiative in 2012.

The initiative is driven by a desire to “be part of the solution to South Africa’s youth unemployment problem.” EOH has set an ambitious target of creating 100 000 jobs by 2020.

EOH has already placed two tranches of 600 learners and university graduate interns onto one-year IT and other learnerships within the group.

The group is sharing its best practice learnings with organisations, including SMMEs through small business and partner workshops. Key learnings include the need to find the ‘right person’ to place on a learnership or internship, and the pivotal role of mentorship, and soft skills training in ensuring learner success.

Sue, Ursula and Carol recently attended a Partner Workshop. The workshop provided a wonderful opportunity for providers to share their expertise and to ascertain how they could partner with one another and EOH to provide opportunities to support job creation.

Particularly encouraging is the fact that there are a number of exciting initiatives to develop entrepreneurship in the townships – this is an area that the editorial team plans to explore in the future.

Learners and graduates can register at Talentplacement.com. EOH invites organisations who are looking for learners to contact them; EOH will provide them with contact details of learners on its database, who have specific skills and are looking for specific opportunities.

Talent Talks applauds EOH for this groundbreaking initiative. We would like to encourage business to place learners onto learnerships and internships. Youth with one years’ work experience have an 80% chance of being employed for life. Will you change a learner or graduate’s life by placing them on a learnership or internship?

More information is available on the website:www.eoh.co.za

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