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Recommended Read from Ursula Fear

REWORK ‘change the way you work forever’ by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Stop Talking, Start Listening and Start Working

REWORK is an easy read that helps companies simplify everything there is to know about work. It certainly showed me how to look at the ‘nonsense’ that most organisations have allowed to brew, ultimately hindering optimal growth .

The book is everything about avoiding waste and the utilsation of unnecessary hours and energy. The authors explain in very animated terms how to maximise one’s day-to-day operations, ideas and infrastructure and gives us insights into a very different leadership style and approach. If you’re looking for the traditional business book, then this is not for you. However if you’re open to new ideas and a fresh approach to work and how we manage staff, then you need to read this … weep and change your ways!

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Ursula is a talent management solution architect. She has a special interest in entry level talent. She established the Deloitte Graduate Academy in 2005 where to date close to 500 graduates have been certified against the Business Consulting ERP NQF 5c certificate.


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