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Podcast: Kung-Fu talent fighting and the beginning of a future-fit journey

By Ursula Fear

Following on from the superb response we received from Josef Langerman (Group Head Software Engineering; DevOps and Agile Evangelist) of Standard Bank, at our Talent Talks Conference 2017, we thought we would continue the discussion on how he has tackled the ‘New World of Work’.

Apart from the very encouraging podcast conversation that took place, the visible changes to this division was anything but riveting. As Sue and I walked around the department, evidence of the people changes screamed at us. Everywhere you looked, there was some positive people indication strewn upon the walls of this department. From TV monitoring screens, to posters and records of progress talking to culture, leadership ethos, performance management and engagement connections – it’s fair to say that Josef and his department have left the starting block in this ‘war for talent’ and have certainly started the expedition in getting to grips with the organisation of the future.

Journey with us, as we talk to Josef and understand the DevOps space of transition, learnings but most importantly, a celebration of the future and the humility that goes into trying to make it happen.

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Ursula is a talent management solution architect. She has a special interest in entry level talent. She established the Deloitte Graduate Academy in 2005 where to date close to 500 graduates have been certified against the Business Consulting ERP NQF 5c certificate.


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