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HR Risk Management: Managing people, Risks and Leveraging Opportunities
By Marius Meyer and Penny Abbot

The SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) has identified HR risk management as one of the most important opportunities for HR adding value to the new corporate governance dispensation in the country. It has always been important to manage human capital risk but never as important as it is currently. For this reason, it needs a focus at the very highest level in organisations and preferably it should be embedded in the way organisations function. There will be many stakeholders who will benefit from this book including, but not limited to, HR executives, HR professionals, line management and risk officers.

Equal but different
By Dr Judy Dlamini

Like many other African countries, South Africa has performed well in women’s representation in parliament and government, but this has not necessarily translated to other sectors. What are the obstacles to women’s advancement, and what needs to be done about it?

Equal But Different is based on life story interviews from fourteen women from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have risen to top leadership positions. These include Phuti Mahanyele (exec chairman Sigma Capital), Coco Cachalia (CEO Grounded Media), Cora Fernandez (Head of Sanlam Investment Management), and Siza Mzimela (first black woman to lead a commercial airline company). It does an excellent job of illuminating the similarities as differences in the women’s experiences in their struggle to the top.

While this book is mainly aimed at women, it also calls upon men to play an active role in encouraging aspiring female leaders.

‘It is my strong belief that people are born equal but different. It is a belief that equity across gender, race, social class and sexual orientation will be attained in my lifetime.’ – Dr. Judy Dlamini

LEADERSHIP: Perspectives from the Front Line
Edited by: Theo H Veldsman and Andrew J Johnsonn

Two internationally recognised thought leaders on leadership teamed up with over 80 contributors to produce the most comprehensive and “biggest” business leadership book ever published in South Africa. With 89 contributors, 56 chapters, 1000+ pages and featuring a foreword from Advocate Thuli Madonsela in hard cover, the book addresses Leadership from every possible angle.

ESSENTIAL READING FOR EVERY LEADER! The leadership education and development industry is worth over R500-billion worldwide. Yet, despite the vast amount of money invested, trust in leaders is at an all-time low.

Research has shown that the primary reason for leadership failure is a lack of contextual perspective. This is where Leadership: Perspectives from the Front Line is different to the thousands of other leadership books available.

This is the most comprehensive book on leadership ever published in South Africa.

It provides cutting-edge thinking about leadership. It synthesises the latest insights from SA’s top leaders and experts on leadership – offering readers practical tools they can implement immediately.

The Leadership Riptide and How To Escape
By Tracey Swanepoel

Anybody who is in a leadership position will agree that the challenge of ensuring a high level of employee engagement is indeed a formidable one.

This is particularly true in South Africa due to the consequences of our political history and cultural diversity. Against this backdrop Tracey Swanepoel’s book can only be welcomed as it provides fresh and valuable perspectives on and insights into the art and science of effective leadership.

In an entertaining and practical way she outlines the path to be followed to ensure that team members volunteer their intelligence, energy, engagement and commitment.

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