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By Shirley Zinn and Sherideen Meyer -  This book was written by Professor Shirley Zinn, with the strong support of her husband, Kevin Zinn, for their son Jamie. The purpose of the book is to inspire

With a Matric certificate in hand and no money, I completed a Secretarial course in Cape Town. I then enrolled for Medical Technology and successfully completed the theory. Disappointingly, the jobs were frozen and I

I was always different – this was not easy back in the 1970s. I was raised in Athlone, Cape Town, in a very entrepreneurial family. My family were street vendors who sold fruit, vegetables and food

I remember my childhood in flashes, rather like watching an outdoor play where the characters appear intermittently and only when the lightning strikes. I remember the dry heat, the electric tingle of an impending thunderstorm,

I’m astounded by what a little bit of wisdom can do.  One’s mid- forties certainly come with some of life’s little treasures. That gift of introspection, the pearl of reflection and the beauty of inner

I remember how I felt that morning when I landed at one of the UK’s most prominent airports in Gatwick.  A flying time of 48 hours is no small feat.  I had left Australia 2

So what exactly is success? Is it driving a fancy car, living in a palace, spending inordinate amounts on ‘things’? Perhaps it’s a title? I remember driving home one night, almost 20 years ago, from

I’m privileged to be the first edition of the Talent Talks ‘My Story’ insert.  I’m somewhat bewildered by this specific task, as it is not always easy to be open and vulnerable in front of