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Are you curious to hear stories from South African companies who are making a difference and tackling real business issues that generate growth?

Talent Talks and Wits Enterprise invite you to Talent Connect, a unique event, taking place at the Origins Centre, Wits University Campus on Thursday 28 June from 08h30 am to 16h00 pm.  Multiple stakeholders from companies representing a cross section of industries have been invited to tell their stories, TED-talks style.  This will be a unique sensory learning experience, an opportunity to hear how inventive South African companies are becoming in tackling real business issues that unlock growth.  We are bringing the companies to you.

How do you create trust in a world of chaos?
How do you create powerful organisations by empowering women?
- #WhatsYourBoldIdea?
Building culture through diversity
Future proofing business today through technology, what will it take?”

Talent Talks, www.talenttalks.net, is a digital content platform.  It is also an initiative to bring together a community of like-minded leaders in business involved with talent and to create a narrative about what leadership is doing in Africa.

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