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Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order

By Prof Theo Veldsman – 


Within the vast expanse of the Leadership Universe, leadership constitutes their own unique ‘Galaxy’ that equates to their Operating Arena. Every Leadership Galaxy has a certain degree of liveability.

The liveability of a Galaxy within the Leadership Universe can be depicted as a three dimensional ‘Periodic Table’, expressed by the equation: Liveability = f (Quality x Intelligence x Energy).  The liveability of a Leadership Galaxy can vary from flourishing/ thriving to toxic/ impoverished.

A Galaxy’s liveability is first and foremost established by leadership who acts as a type of ‘chemical reagent’ through their manner of constituting and being engaged with their Galaxy, infusing it with a certain ‘quality of life’ (see In Stop-over 13).

Over time the degree of liveability in a Leadership Galaxy crystalises into a shared, unique Leadership Culture and Climate within in the leadership group of a Leadership Galaxy. Leadership Culture and Climate form respectively the ‘glue’ of and ‘atmosphere’ within the Galaxy.

In turn, the Leadership Culture and Climate specific to the leadership group of a Leadership Galaxy provide the foundation for and sets an organisation’s Organisational Culture and Climate.

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Theo holds a Doctorate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. He is a registered psychologist (both Industrial and Research Psychology) and a registered personnel practitioner. He has extensive research and development, as well as consulting experience over the past 30 years in the fields of strategy formulation and implementation; strategic organisational change; organisational (re)design; team building; leadership/management; and strategic people/ talent management; the organisational and people dimension mergers and acquisitions.


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