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AMI wants to train one million managers in Africa

If you want to make a difference, set an ambitious target. AMI (African Management Initiative) has done just that – it has set itself an ambitious target to train one million managers in Africa. Training one million managers to perform effectively and responsibly will transform Africa.

Sue and Carol attended the AMI launch in Johannesburg. AMI launched in Nairobi two years ago.

AMI Chairman, Johnathan Cook said traditional lecture-based methods of training managers were ineffective and were not providing a good ROI. Many firms are poorly managed, and people do not know they are managing poorly. Poorly managed companies impact on a country’s overall competitiveness.

Training works if the focus is on what the organisation does, rather than the individual’s competence. Research has shown that people lack self-management skills and interpersonal skills. AMI’s approach, therefore, is to work on personal habits and company habits.

AMI has adopted a blended learning approach. To date, AMI has trained over 25 000 managers in Africa.

Chief Learning Officer, Klara Michal said AMI was passionate about results, not certificates. Their approach focuses on performance, not qualifications.
AMI is opening an office in Johannesburg in 2017.

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  1. Lynette Naidoo Lynette Naidoo

    This is progressive. The issue of self-management & self-mastery is critical. Please keep readers posted with more info related to AMI.

  2. Carol Butcher Carol Butcher

    It is indeed.; this aspect is often overlooked. We look forward to hearing more about the exciting work that AMI is doing in Africa.

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