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Are your employees’ fans?

I have really enjoyed watching the Soccer World Cup. I have enjoyed watching the game, but the fans are also a joy to watch. Many have travelled thousands of kilometres to watch their team play. We have seen them screaming, shouting and cheering for their team. When their team has lost or been eliminated, we have seen fans weep, openly.

The fans’ commitment is something to behold.  A snippet on television showed an English supporter, who is so confident of a win that he has tattooed the English team as the Winners of the 2018 Soccer World Cup on his belly.

Many employees would give their eye teeth to have their employees show the same level of enthusiasm for their work.

How passionate are your employees about their work? Are they fans of your brand and the company? Do they go the extra mile and support the company, their employers when the going gets tough, when the opposition seems stronger, and when the company is not at the top of the leader board? Can you count on your employees’ loyalty, or is it just a job, a necessary evil that puts bread on the table?

These are critical questions to ask as they make a world of difference to company performance. Getting everyone on board, and enthusiastic about the company, and everything that the company does is a great differentiator – it can define whether the company is a winner or not.

Harry Kane has performed impeccably. He is the highest goal scorer at this moment in time – 5 goals, and may even be awarded the Golden Boot. Besides being a very skilled player, he has demonstrated tremendous leadership. How do you measure up as a leader, when compared to Harry Kane?

He is the youngest English player even to be appointed captain of the English soccer team for a FIFA World Cup. Only five team members have played in a World Cup previously. In a nutshell, the team and the captain are relatively inexperienced.

England does not have a great track record – England has only won the FIFA World Cup once and that was in 1966. Kane acknowledges upfront that England is not a favourite.  However, what he has said is very inspirational: “But I want us not to be afraid to say we want to win it. We have to be brave…… So, we have discussed it with players and shouldn’t have any fear. We want to win it, we’ll go there and do our best to achieve it.”

He is also on record for saying: “I’m extremely proud to wear the armband, but I have to go and do my job, work hard for the team, and score my goals as well.”

Are you a leader, who publicly demonstrates that she is proud to be leader in his or her own organisation? Do you acknowledge that you have a job to do, and that success or failure does not only depend on the team, but on your performance and your leadership?

If anyone captain can win the FIFA World Cup for England, Harry Kane is the man. Are you the leader, who will win the Cup for your organisation?

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