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Posts published by “Lita Currie”

Lita Currie has over 20 years’ experience in learning and development, with expertise in management and leadership. She has trained and consulted in Africa, the UK and north America and has been instrumental in designing and implementing global development programmes across a variety of disciplines, in particular Human Resources, Finance and Corporate Affairs. She is an expert in visual learning and performance management, using graphic facilitation to ensure that the learning is effective.

Some thoughts on change

Change in any organisation is sometimes exciting, sometimes scary, but mostly unavoidable. It’s going to happen and avoiding some of the pitfalls can make things…

Bytes Culture Journey

In 2017 Frank de Beer had an exciting task ahead of him: spearheading the culture journey or 3 sister-companies coming together. Frank, the Organisational Development Manager at Bytes Systems Integration, or BSI (he’s now with Altron) needed to create a unified performance-focused culture for the new entity.