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Covid 19 Responses: #CaretoAct 4

aha Africa is an initiative born weeks into the Covid19 pandemic and is a podcast platform sharing real stories, with real people doing remarkable things during this Covid19 crisis.  The idea to create this platform arose during the initial weeks of lockdown when I began seeing stories, random acts of kindness and donation appeals being shared across various social media platforms.  I recognised quickly the need to create a platform to help raise further awareness for those serving on the frontline of the pandemic – to share their stories and to tell us what is needed most on the frontline at this time.

aha Africa  allows people the opportunity  to hear the stories and initiatives from those working tirelessly on the frontline, gives insights into their daily plight and shares ways that people can help / contribute, if they so wish.

Creating aha Africa has been scary, daunting and massively challenging to say the least, but the need to help raise awareness far outweighs any of my own personal doubts and insecurities.  I have been truly humbled by those risking their own personal health every day to be of service to our Nation’s most vulnerable (people and animals) as well as those using their own business skills and expertise to give back to our communities, not only during this pandemic, but for some even beyond.  If you would like to learn more about aha Africa please visit:

The podcasts recorded by aha Africa to-date are:

#1: Brenda is a volunteer working in the Lakeside CAN group. This group is working tirelessly within the local communities to help alleviate hunger and suffering at this time. Their donations have helped towards feeding 80 000 (of which 32 000 are children) of the most vulnerable people daily who live in the one square kilometre area of Vrygrond. Hear more:

#2: Lorraine is a social worker serving her community (along with others) and is currently helping to co-ordinate 32 feeding stations. Lorraine will uplift and inspire you with her attitude towards work and she urgently appeals to anyone who can help towards alleviating hunger and suffering. Hear more:

#3 Grabouw Animal Welfare  Society are desperate! They help animals in the local informal settlement of Grabouw as well as on farms and in the surrounding rural areas. Many animal owners are not working and not earning wages as a result of the pandemic, meaning they are unable to feed themselves as well as their animals. Many of the animals within these communities are very loved (and wanted) but these are desperate times. Hear more:

#4 Debbie Webber is an attorney based in Cape Town who specialises in debt.  Her way of giving back to the community at this time of the pandemic is an offering of one, free hour consultation, for anyone who needs her expert advice.  She encourages people to use the lockdown period to get organised by getting their personal affairs in order and to be proactive in facing current or imminent debt.  Hear more:

#5 Lita Currie, owner of the business 3 Stickmen, has played a significant role in helping to educate people in the rural areas and informal settlements of South Africa on Covid19 by creating memes. They are teaching people through pictures how to stay safe during the pandemic and are now reaching as far afield as Malawi. Hear more:

#6 Avocado Vision is working closely with government on pioneering Green initiatives that will create sustainable work post Covid19. Hear their amazing story as well as their appeal for others to get involved:

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