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Posts published in “#TTAReads”

Emotional Agility

The counterintuitive approach to achieving your true potential, heralded by the Harvard Business Review as a groundbreaking idea of the year.

The Rules of Contagion

Our lives are shaped by outbreaks - of disease, of misinformation, even of violence - that appear, spread and fade away with bewildering speed.

The Upside of Down

In a world of fake news, deep-fakes, manipulated feeds of information and divisive social-media agendas, it’s easy to believe that our time is the most challenging in human history. It’s just not true.

The Stoic Challenge

A practical, refreshingly optimistic guide that uses centuries-old wisdom to help us better cope with the stresses of modern living. Something to do after your seventeenth Zoom meeting of the day and a good read during the corona crisis.